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Give Atelier Your Feedback

Atelier is YOUR Student Government. Your direct input to Atelier is of great value, as it allows us to truly represent you and serve you.

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An ‘Atelier' is a workshop for an artist, artisan, or designer. The Student Government operates with this definition in mind as we strive to enrich your experience while at the Boston Architectural College. We are advocates of the student body and are committed to promoting your initiatives. Atelier is directed and funded by the students, and its members are comprised of all full-time matriculating BAC students.

Atelier's mission is to foster communication between the BAC administration and the student body, to emphasize and promote professional and social aspects of student activities on and off campus, and to foster fellowship, cooperation, and unity between and among BAC students and organizations. Atelier is one of the best ways to get involved in the school's happenings, connect with other students, and learn the inner workings of the school and of your education.

Our main purposes are to:

  • Expand student's educational possibilities through student initiated activities.
  • Advocate the needs and interests of students to the administration of the school.
  • Participate in the articulation and development of the College's goals.
  • Assist students in achieving their professional goals and becoming accomplished and involved members of the design community.

The objectives of Atelier are:

  • To foster communication between the BAC Administration and student body.
  • To emphasize and promote professional and social aspects of student activities on and off campus.
  • To foster fellowship, cooperation, and unity between BAC students and organizations.
  • To manage the Student Activity Fees collected each semester.


Atelier Contact Information

Email: atelier@the-bac.edu
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bacatelier


Atelier Board 2014-2015

Ian Hester, President
Rand Lemley, Vice President
Luis Fernando Araque, Secretary
Jessica King, Treasurer
Cameron Christopher, Student Representative
Ana Morales, Student Representative
Arick Dyrdal, Student Representative
Russell Findley, Student Representative
Olumide Lucas, Student Representative
Anesu Dhliwayo, Past President