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Transfer Credit

Filing for Concurrent Transfer Credit

Concurrent transfer credit may be awarded for courses taken at other institutions while a student is enrolled in one of the BAC's degree programs. Any course taken outside the BAC must be preapproved by the Director of Student Placement to ensure that it will meet degree requirements. Any transfer credits submitted after 1 year of matriculation will be subject to a Transfer Credit Fee. The following steps must be taken:

  1. Contact Academic Advising at advising@the-bac.edu requesting preapproval. Specify which degree requirement the course is intended to fulfill and enclose the name of the college, the number of credits or credit hours, and full course information, including a course description.
  2. Register for the class at the host school.
  3. Have the Registrar at the host school send an official transcript to the Academic Advising Office at the BAC, after the course has been completed.

Important: Students receiving financial aid must complete additional procedures through the Financial Aid Office before registering for a course offered by another college.

In the case of studios taken elsewhere, the procedure is slightly different. Although preapproval may be granted upon request, awarding of studio transfer credit is contingent upon a review of the student's studio work by the appropriate Program Head (final studio work must be presented in portfolio form). Studio transfer credit is awarded only upon passing the BAC review. It is advisable to meet with the Program Head well in advance of enrolling, in order to gain a clear understanding of the expectations that apply.

Reminder: Students must earn a C or better for a course to be eligible for transfer credit. The only exception is that a B or better must be earned in courses that fulfill the BAC's Math and Physics requirements. Transfer credits do not affect GPA .

Waiver of Course Requirements

There is a difference between transfer credit and a waiver. Transferred credits fulfill specific course requirements. A select group of requirements may be waived if the student can demonstrate that s/he has the competence that the course seeks to instill. The definition of "competence" is determined by the BAC.

If a course requirement is waived, the student does not have to take that course. However, the credit-hour requirement must be fulfilled in some appropriate way, as determined by the BAC.

Transferring Credits from Another School

If you are hoping to transfer in credits to the BAC from another school you attended or from the Professional & Continuing Education department at the BAC, review the transfer credit information posted on the Admission website. Here you will find information about the following:

  • Time limitations for transfer credits
  • Requirements of courses to be transferred
  • Petitioning for practice hours from prior to enrollment
  • Policies regarding transfer credits from the BAC's School of Professional and Continuing Education
  • How courses are treated if you need to reactivate your enrollment after a long leave