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Change of Status

Leave of Absence

A Leave of Absence (LOA) is a period of time in which a degree program student is not attending classes. Students must complete a Leave of Absence form and submit it to the Registrar, by the end of Add/Drop in the semester in which the Leave begins. Students who wish to take a Leave of Absence should first meet with an Academic Advisor and a representative from the Practice department, in order to assess the implications that taking a leave would have on their progress. Students who receive financial aid must also contact the Financial Aid Office to assess their options and obligations. Leave of Absence forms are valid for one semester only. A new form must be completed before each additional semester of leave. A maximum leave of four consecutive semesters is allowed in both the bachelor's and master's programs.

In-semester Full-withdrawal

Students who wish to withdraw from all of their courses in a semester must complete and submit a Full Withdrawal Form by the 11th week of classes, making certain to check the "Semester" withdrawal box. Refunds are administered according to the Refund Schedule. The amount is contingent upon the date that written notice is received by the Registrar. Students who have received financial aid while at the BAC must also contact the Financial Aid Office regarding an exit interview concerning their rights and responsibilities as student loan borrowers.

Withdrawal from the BAC

Students who wish to discontinue their active student status from the BAC at the end of the semester must notify the Registrar, via the Full Withdrawal form. Note that this is the same form as is used for an In-semester Full-withdrawal; students should select the appropriate checkbox on the top of the form to specify which they are doing when completing the form.