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International Student Advising Services

Academic Advising

All international students must meet with an academic advisor at least once per calendar year. In addition, they must meet with the international student advisor, Meredith Spinnato, prior to registering for classes each semester. 

International students participate in the experiential component of the BAC's educational program (called Practice) through paid or unpaid employment. Paid employment requires authorization to work from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). International students qualify for USCIS authorization only when working in positions which allow them to earn Practice credit; students should contact the Practice Department directly prior to accepting a position to verify whether or not a specific job would be eligible for Practice credit. Authorization to work in Practice-approved positions lasts for one calendar year, and must be renewed each year. International students should make sure that their individual employers are listed on page three of their I-20. Authorization to work ceases once international students complete the BAC requirement of 54 Practice credits (5400 hours) and achievement of Skill Level 8 (Master of Architecture program) or 45 credits (4500 hours) and achievement of Skill Level 8 (Master of Interior Design and Master of Landscape Architecture programs).

Multicultural Design eXchange (MDX)
MDX organizes social interactions for students with different nationalities and backgrounds. Dedicated to commemorating and acknowledging the diversity of BAC students and community, MDX provides students with a comfortable environment to socialize and practice English skills; expand their educational, professional and personal development; and establishes an open forum to exchange opinions about school, work, and life.


Helpful Contacts:
Academic Advising
(617) 585-0160

Learning Resource Center
(617) 585-0174

Meredith Spinnato
(617) 585-0239

Multicultural Design eXchange (MDX)

(617) 585-0145