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    Distance Master of Architecture Academic Probation

    Satisfactory Educational Progress & Probation, Distance M.Arch Completion Track

    Satisfactory Educational Progress is met by earning practice hourseach semester and maintaining a cumulative studio GPA of 2.70 and a cumulative GPA of 2.70. Students who do not meet these requirements will be placed on probationary status. Students on probationary status will be reviewed by the Distance M.Arch Management Team consisting of the Head of School of Architecture, the Director of Distance M.Arch Thesis, and the Director of Distance M.Arch (plus the Head of Practice where issues of practice are concerned).

    Reviewed students will be placed in one of three categories: Incomplete, Repeat, or Dismiss.

    Incomplete categorystudents will be provided a written Contract for Educational Progress (CEP) stating the process by which probationary status can be eliminated through a change of grade for a particular course to a B-, or in exceptional cases, to a grade less than B- which increases the GPA in question to at least 2.70. The CEP is a formal contract which outlines a reasonable course of action for the student to follow in order to achieve Satisfactory Educational Progress. The contract specifies target goals or ranges of achievement that must be obtained prior to the next semester. Failure to meet the terms of the CEP will result in reconsideration of the student's case by the Management Team which may reissue a new CEP, require the student to repeat the course in question, or dismiss the student from the program. The Contract for Educational Progress and the result of the student's efforts to meet the terms of that Contract will be communicated to the student and placed in the student's file.

    Repeat categorystudents will be required to repeat the course in question and will be charged the appropriate proportional tuition. Upon completion of the repeated course, the grade in the first instance of the course will be changed to ‘NC' and the grade for the repeated course will be used to calculate GPA.

    Dismiss categorystudents will be required to withdraw from the program.