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Sarah Boisselle

Sarah Boiselle

Sarah Boiselle

Photo by Becky Anderson

Sarah Boisselle is a Master of Interior Architecture candidate at the BAC. Growing up in New England, Sarah earned her Bachelor's degree in Desktop Publishing and Advertising from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Sarah worked at the Boston Herald in marketing sales for a few years, then for a graphic design firm, but wanted to expand her design capabilities.

Sarah has always been aesthetically driven and has known she would like to incorporate design into her career in a multi-faceted way. She takes great pleasure in creating a space where people feel welcome and enjoys the evolving process that comes with working with a new audience. In her life thus far, Sarah has suffered great loss. She believes that this trying time helped define who she is and shaped her views on thriving. She understands that even in the most difficult moments, it is possible to bounce back and continue to grow. Sarah applies this principle to her professional life, learning to take chances without the fear of failure and to embrace the possibilities that come with living outside of her comfort zone.

Sarah reflects on returning to school for her master's degree, "I was unsure of what to expect, going back to school seven years after my undergrad. What I never anticipated was the incredible network of peers and friends that I have made in my short time at the BAC. Participating in the BAC Interior Design Society, attending events like First Fridays, and Food for Finals, or even just being one of the many students who finds themselves in the 4th floor computer labs on random but frequent days, at random but frequent hours, has made me feel like part of a culture, part of a group, dare I say, family. I no longer feel like I'm approaching this challenge on my own. I am grateful for all of the friends I've made here so far. It has made a great experience even more wonderful and has enriched my life in so many ways."

Sarah led fellow students as President (2011-2012) of the BAC Interior Design Society, which is the umbrella organization for the BAC student chapters of ASID and IIDA. Through that role, Sarah helped organize a team of similarly inspired BAC students to submit an entry in the 2011 New England IIDA Fashion Show. Collaboratively, they created a vision for their design and represented the BAC. It was a process of equal parts blood, sweat, and tears, but an experience like no other. She is excited to participate again in the future. Sarah was also awarded the Edward J. Aisner & Eleanor H. Aisner Creative Exercise Scholarship for her work on the Creative Exercise portion of the BAC Application for Admission.

Sarah has previously worked for Deb Evans & Associates, and as a Design Consultant for Tile Showcase where she learned a great deal about materials and their application process. She currently works as a Designer for DiMella Shaffer.