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Nicole Ezell

Nicole Ezell

Nicole Ezell

Photo by Becky Anderson

Nicole Ezell is a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the BAC. She is from the Greater Boston area. With a background in studio art, Nicole spent a year at Northeastern University studying engineering before arriving at the BAC.

Interested in art and design as a child, Nicole was exposed to hand drafting and CAD in high school. When engineering proved to be more math and science than she was looking for, Nicole took time off from school. A friend suggested she try architecture as a way to pull together her interests, so she enrolled at the BAC.

She has been surprised at how much artistic and conceptual thought go into design, rather than rigid, computational design. "Perception and the ability to represent ideas through images has proved a necessary and beneficial skill," says Nicole.

"Without a doubt, my most positive experience at the BAC has been the friends I have made in my studio and other academic classes. The feedback, support, and generosity my classmates provide has been invaluable," remarks Nicole. For her, the studio environment has been crucial to her success.

Nicole serves as the NOMAS Treasurer from 2013-2014, and currently works at Dedham Savings Bank as a Residential Quality Control Specialist.