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John Poillucci III

John Poillucci III

John Poillucci III

Photo by Brian Canty

John Poillucci III is a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the BAC and a native of Massachusetts. Before attending the BAC, John studied at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts for one year. With a childhood heavily influenced by music, he plays over a dozen different instruments, particularly bass guitar and saxophone, and very much enjoys street performing once in a while.

Knowing very little about design prior to his enrollment at the BAC, John dabbled in art throughout his life. His grandmother was a watercolor artist and definitely one of his inspirations. Growing up, he was found doodling during class and always had a fascination with the built world and how things came together. If one were to look at the margins of his notebooks, his move to design school only seems natural.

Making the decision to attend design school is one of John's biggest accomplishments. It was a huge transition for him to move from a school in rural Massachusetts to Boston. Now that he is in the urban landscape and involved in his education every day, he is proud that he made that change. John considers every day a small accomplishment as he slowly, and happily, builds his design career.

Time and time again, John finds that music, art, and design are simply synonymous and influence his work. When he was a music student, he learned to pay attention to a composition as a whole. In contrast, jazz taught him how to tear a song apart and play it completely differently. Playing instruments taught him about the importance of practice in order to create a desired product. He finds that the countless lessons he learns in other disciplines truly relate to his design process as well. John realizes that his love of the outdoors also influences his focus, as he strives to consider the implications of design and how it affects the world around us.

When asked what he likes best about the BAC, John replies, "I have had BAC instructors and colleagues foster my design and help me push it forward. It is this steadfast communal effort which I think is important to my education and certainly puts my work and learning in a positive light."

John serves as a BAC Student Ambassador and was Treasurer (2012-2013) of the BAC's American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS). He is a member of AIAS because he feels it really pushes the quality of a design student's education.

John has previously served as a Teaching Assistant for the Undergraduate Design Principles course (since his work in this course was highly regarded) and worked at F. Schumacher & Co. He currently works as a Draftsman at Art Form Architecture in Portsmouth, NH.