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Jessica Alpert

Jessica Alpert, Master of Landscape Architecture candidate at the BAC

Jessica Alpert

Courtesy of Jessica Alpert

Jessica Alpert, Master of Landscape Architecture candidate, was born and raised in the greater Boston area.

Prior to attending the BAC, Jessica earned her Bachelor of Industrial Design from Syracuse University, with a concentration in Child & Family Studies.

She was initially drawn to the design field because she quickly saw that she could solve problems creatively and sustainably through design. In September 2012, Jessica was appointed to the Urban Design Commission by the Mayor of Newton. During her time volunteering on the commission, she gave design feedback for sign, fence and retail development proposals.

Jessica has a strong appreciation for environmental systems. As a child, she spent a lot of time imagining and playing in her own backyard. Jessica adds, "I still feel a sense of awe for plants and creatures that drives me to connect with the land in my studies and in my travels."

Whether it is working on an organic farm in the Blue Mountains in Australia, or creating preliminary sketches for compact composting units in Syracuse, Jessica is influenced by story-telling. "Landscapes communicate to inspire people to care for the future of the environment," she voices.

During her first year, she was inspired with the enthusiasm from the faculty and students on campus. Jessica states, "The BAC's MLA program helps strengthen students in a practical way, and allows them to succeed in the design field."

Jessica is currently the Vice President of SASLA (2014-2015), and a student member of the BSLA. She is working as both an Intern at Ray Dunetz Landscape Architecture, and as a Horticultural Landscape Crew Member at Robin Evans Landscapes.