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Jessi Flynn

Jessi Flynn

Jessi Flynn

Photo by Jessi Flynn

Jessi Flynn is a Master of Landscape Architecture candidate at the BAC. Originally from the Boston area, she went to Ohio Wesleyan University, graduating with a BA in Journalism and Environmental Studies in 2000.

Jessi spent the next three years in the Peace Corps in Panama, working first with farmers in a remote rainforest community on agriculture, with women's artisanry groups, with medicine men and women, and in public health. She then became a regional coordinator between 40 Peace Corps Volunteers, tribal leaders, and government ministries of the Ngäbe / Buglé Indigenous Reservation and eventually moved into a New England recruiter role. Jessi also worked as the Conservation Program Officer for Earthwatch Institute's community based research centers in Belize, Brazil, Australia, Kenya, and the US.

Jessi served as Treasurer of SASLA from 2013-2014, is a member of ASLA and the BSLA, and is a Massachusetts Certified Arborist. She also serves as a Student Ambassador to welcome new students at New Student Orientation.

Jessi first became exposed to Landscape Architecture (though she didn't know that was what it was at the time) during Peace Corps, working with communities on large scale projects such as water systems, flood mitigation, and waste management, as well as working with farmers on farm planning and household gardens. Reading Bill Mollison's Introduction to Permaculture gave Jessi her first taste of designing systems in the environment. The basic concepts worked on in Panama - enclosed, self sustaining systems, and finding a place for "waste" to be a resource is still what drives Jessi through problem solving in studio. Her studio projects have included repurposing old Boston overpasses into promenades and fine dining locations, to creating a biofiltration system for the Boston Harbor Shipyard and softening the edge of South Boston to be resilient to storm surge.

Having no formal design background, Jessi feels she has learned a lot at the BAC about taking her scientific, environmental, and community based work background, and applying design school techniques of making spaces for people, and communicating ideas visually.

While at the BAC, Jessi worked for the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation as a Forester for the Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication Program. She is currently a Subcontractor for Land Escapes.