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Helen Vetter

Helen Vetter

Courtesy of Helen Vetter

Helen Vetter is a Bachelor of Interior Architecture candidate at the BAC. Originally from Aspen Park, Colorado, Helen was a student at Colorado State University majoring in International Studies/Political Science with a minor in French, and then later majoring in Interior Design before deciding to move to Boston. Helen has been interested in the interior design field her entire life, a passion that began by watching the television show Trading Spaces at a young age.

Helen served as the Vice President for ASID on the BAC Interior Design Society from 2013-2014, and was in various roles within the organization in her previous years at the College. During her time at the BAC, Helen has really valued the ability to meet and interact with her peers. She remarks that a source of strength she has found at the BAC is the friends that she has made here. "My friends push me to be an active member of the BAC community, and I love being surrounded by people who think and feel as I do about design."

Helen currently works as an Interior Designer at Helios Design Group, but has previously worked as a Design Assistant at Jinnie Kim Design, and interned at Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc. Of her work, Helen states, "Every day I feel I accomplish a great deal when I am at work and I am able to do a good job for my clients. Having the client's trust is a great accomplishment in itself."