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Howard F. Elkus

An internationally acclaimed architect and urban designer, Howard Elkus has been responsible for the design of numerous widely acknowledged landmark projects during his distinguished career. More

M. Russel Feldman

Russel Feldman '11 (Hon.), AIA is President of TBA Architects, Inc. of Waltham and San Francisco. He has been active at the BAC since 1979. More

Richard Fitzgerald

Richard Fitzgerald has been a supporter and advocate of the BAC for 25 years. Richard helped forge a strong alliance and working partnership between the BAC and the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) while serving as Executive Director of the BSA from 1984 to 2008. Under his leadership during that period, the BAC and BSA collaborated on numerous events benefiting design education and the professional design community and Richard helped make available to many BAC students AIA-sponsored scholarship opportunities. More

Gretchen Fox

When Gretchen Fox, CEO, founded Fox in 1988, she recognized that business relocations, which should be viewed as strategic opportunities, were often handled casually, resulting in time lost, cost overruns, and unnecessary internal stress. By looking at transitions at the strategic level, Gretchen was able to build best-practice methodologies that coordinated all elements (e.g., design, construction, furnishing and move) of a transition into one cohesive plan, to minimize stress and business disruption and to provide opportunity to leverage positive change through all layers of an organization. More

Peter Gaines

Peter is a financial planner at Integrated Financial Partners, Inc. Peter's involvement with the Boston architectural community began in 1973 with his employment at SBA/Steffian Bradley Associates, Inc., as their business manager/comptroller. While at SBA, Peter became involved with the Boston Society of Architects and at one time, was the only non-architect on the BSA's Professional Practice Committee. More