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Lucia Droby

When Lucia was in her thirties, she left a job as a TV videographer and producer to raise four foster children. A catalog for the Landscape Institute (then Radcliffe Seminars in Landscape Design) was delivered by mistake to her mailbox. Soon, the program became her lifeline to a stimulating learning environment, and a creative way to look at the world. More

Estelle Espe-Chase

Estelle started taking classes at the LI in 2002, and began to fast track her career by first working weekends at a nursery doing plant sales and design. More

M. Russel Feldman

Russel Feldman '11 (Hon.), AIA is President of TBA Architects, Inc. of Waltham and San Francisco. He has been active at the BAC since 1979. More

Norma Fevrier

Norma Fevrier graduated from the BAC in 2014 with a Bachelor of Interior Design degree More

Abilio Furtado

Abilio Furtado graduated from the BAC in 2009 with a Bachelor of Design Studies in Architectural Technology. More