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    Image Credits

    Left Image
    Project: Urban Loft, Portland ME
    Richard Renner Architects

    Middle Image
    Project: Solar Umbrella House
    Brooks Scarpa

    Right Image
    Project: Cannon Beach Residence
    Nathan Good Architects PC

    Project: Adeline Street Urban Salvage Project
    Firm: Leger Wanaselja Architecture


    Sustainable Residential Design

    Courses and Certificate

    Left, Urban Loft, Firm: Richard Renner Architects; Center, Solar Umbrella House, Firm: Brooks Scarpa; Right, Cannon Beach Residence, Firm: Nathan Good Architects PC.

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    PCE & LI Undergraduate
    3 credit $1760.00
    3 credit audit $1320.00
    1.5 credit $948.00
    1.5 credit audit $711.00
    1.0 credit $640.00
    1.0 audit $480.00
    SDI Graduate
    1.5 credit $1494.00
    1.5 credit audit $1121.00

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      The Sustainable Residential Design Certificate is designed for students interested in single family and small scale multifamily residential design. Students interested in residential garden design should investigate the courses of the Landscape Institute at the BAC.

      Sustainable Residential Design Courses and Certificate Curriculum

      The Sustainable Design Institute has a breadth of over thirty half-semester, graduate-level courses in sustainable design principles and practices. To earn the certificate, students complete six courses in the program and maintain a cumulative  B- average. A bachelor's degree is required for enrollment in the certificate program. Students who do not have a bachelor's degree should contact the Professional and Continuing Education Department.

      The following courses must be completed:

      • Sustainable Design as a Way of Thinking
      • Two courses from the full Sustainable Design Curriculum
      • Three of the following courses below
        • Green Residential Remodeling & Renovation
        • The Zero Energy Home: What, How and If?
        • Residential Energy Modeling
        • Site Design Landscaping & Site-Water Issues