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Courses and Schedule

With over 30 courses available, the Sustainable Design Institute offers the largest range and number of sustainable design courses available at any accredited college or university today. The strength of the sustainable design program is evidenced by the fact that many courses are accepted for AIA Sustainable Design/Health, Safety, Welfare Learning Units; all courses qualify for GBCI CE hours; and all are accepted by the Royal Institute of British Architects for Continuing Professional Development.

  • Spring 2015
  • All Courses

SUS4033 Building Envelope
SUS4032 Daylighting and State-of-the-Art Electric Lighting
SUS4028 Energy Modeling in Building Design
SUS4042 Environmental Systems
SUS4024 Getting the Green Building You Want: Construction Management
SUS4016 Global Perspectives on Sustainable Design
SUS4033 Green Building and Human Health
SUS4029 Green Practice: Energy and Air Quality Principles
SUS4019 Green Residential Remodeling and Renovation
SUS4020 Green Roofs / Green Walls
SUS4025 Greening Existing Buildings
SUS4026 Greening the City
SUS4037 High Performance Design and the LEED Rating System
SUS4010 Introduction to the International Green Construction Code
SUS4008 Learning from Sustainable Design Through History
SUS4021 Life Cycle Assessment of Building Materials
SUS4036 Marketing Sustainability
SUS4030 Materials, Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality
SUS4013 Mulitiple Urbanisms: Divergence or Synergy
SUS4043 Passive Heating and Cooling Design NEW
SUS4023 Residential Energy Modeling

SUS4046 Resilient Design
SUS4041 Site Design, Landscaping, and Site-Water Issues
SUS4017 Solar Energy: Design with the Sun
SUS4035 Sustainable Communities: Land Use, Transportation, and Planning
SUS4039 Sustainable Design and Building Information Modeling (BIM)
SUS4014 Sustainable Design and Preservation
SUS4007 Sustainable Design as a Way of Thinking
SUS4038 Sustainable Design in Practice
SUS4040 Sustainable Design of Healthcare Facilities
SUS4027 Sustainable Neighborhoods
SUS4034 Sustainable Transportation
SUS4009 The Economics of Green Building
SUS4015 The Urgent and Hopeful Future of Sustainable Design
SUS4018 The Zero Energy Home: What, How and If