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Design Studies Courses
3 credit $1760.00
3 credit audit $1320.00
1.5 credit $948.00
1.5 credit audit $711.00
1.0 credit $640.00
1.0 audit $480.00

Sustainable Design Courses
1.5 credit $1494.00
1.5 credit audit $1121.00

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    What Our Students Think

    "The classes were significantly more demanding and rigorous than I had anticipated for online education, and I found that there was a very positive, stimulating aspect to the wide diversity of student backgrounds that an electronic/digital/virtual classroom is able to command and accommodate."
    —Elizabeth Russini, architect

      Image Credits

      Project: Sacred Heart Schools Homer Science and Student Life Center
      Firm: Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects
      Photography: Tim Griffith


      Sustainable Design Certificate

      Controlling Daylight at Homer Science and Student and Student Life Center. Project: Sacred Heart Schools Homer Science and Student Life Center; Firm: Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects

      Photos by Tim Griffith

      The BAC's Sustainable Design Certificate is the oldest academic credential in this subject in the United States. It includes a flexible range of courses from the Sustainable Design Institute. 

      The Sustainable Design Certificate Curriculum

      To earn the certificate, students must complete six courses in the program and maintain a cumulative B- average. The Sustainable Design Institute has a breadth of over 30 eight-week, online, graduate-level courses in sustainable design principles and practices. A bachelor's degree is required for enrollment in the certificate program.  Students who do not have a bachelor's degree should contact us.

      The course requirements are:


      Registration: Course registration is available via the Self-Service portal. Students who have taken a course at the BAC may already have an active account. Students can contact the IT help desk at 617.585.0191 to retrieve their user name and/or password. If a discount is to be applied or the student is located outside of the United States, registration must be done via phone by calling +1.617.585.0135. New students should create a new user account.

      Requirements: Submission of an application form, current resume, $50.00 USD application fee, statement of purpose (250 words), and prior education. Applicants without a college degree but who possess professional experience are required to speak with a program director prior to application. Supplementary materials are to be submitted to registrar@the-bac.edu.

      Certificate Completion

      Upon completion and receipt of their final grade, students must submit a certificate clearance and request form. Certificates are issued on a monthly basis and will be mailed to the postal address provided on the form.

      More information about admission requirements and tuition.