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Areas of Study

The Landscape Institute

The program integrates design, history, and horticulture studies through:

  • Studio-oriented approaches that integrate artistic, theoretical, and practical skills
  • Small class sizes
  • Seminar-style & participatory learning
  • Flexible course sequencing and enrollment options

Construction & Site Engineering
Landscape design is expressed not only through plants, but through materials and manipulation of the land. These courses offer instruction in the principles of grading and construction to graphic representation of design ideas.






The LI enjoys a strong reputation for teaching landscape design. Through a sequence of design studios, students build their skills and design ability, starting with the fundamentals and resulting in independently driven specialized projects. Students develop projects for specific sites that can lead directly into professional practice.






Drafting & Graphic Communication

Expert instruction in drafting fundamentals and freehand drawing teaches students how to express themselves in two and three dimensions. Drawing is a very important tool that supports both the creative and problem-solving nature of design.







The LI electives cover a spectrum of topics such as professional practice, discourses in ecology, healing gardens, management skills and Google SketchUp for landscape designers.


History & Preservation

A distinguishing characteristic of the LI curriculum is its array of history and preservation courses. Content ranges from surveys of landscape design history to specific periods or places, such as the modern movement in America, Chinese scholar gardens and Islamic and Japanese gardens to preservation theory and stewardship in the 21st century.
The rich, wonderful world of horticulture can be explored through the lens of botany, native plant communities, sustainable site inventories, soil structure, plant groupings, design, and much more.

Special Programs
Busy professionals can target short one-day or multi-day programs. These noncredit workshops focus on current topics and skill developments such as computer skills, topics in sustainability, landscape design business, horticultural, lighting, and design build projects.

Travel & Study: Garden & Landscape Travel and Study Expeditions with Nan Sinton
Sicily: The Landscapes and Gardens of "Persephone's Island" - March 7 - 17, 2012
The Western Cape of South Africa: The Plants, Gardens and Landscape - November 4 - 16, 2012


Photo credits:
Construction & Site Engineering, Bonica Ayala
Design; Bonica Ayala
Special Projects; Laura Eisner
Drafting & Graphic Communication, Bonica Ayala
Electives, Bonica Ayala
History & Preservation, Heather Heimarck
Horticulture, Bonica Ayala
Open Studio, Bonica Ayala
Garden & Travel Study Expeditions, Nan Sinton