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Landscape Architecture Faculty

Maria Bellalta, Head of the School of Landscape Architecture, maria.bellalta@the-bac.edu
Joni Palmer, Faculty, School of Landscape Architecture, joni.palmer@the-bac.edu

Adjunct Faculty
Aidan Ackerman, Analysis & Housing, Design Media
Ricardo Austrich, Master's Thesis
Felipe Bellalta, Sketch Problem
Blas Betancourt, Intradisciplinary Studios, Urban Design
Nina Chase, Natural Systems
Paul Cote, Landscape Representation, GIS
Jessie Crowley-Waisnor, Planting Design
Beth Fenstermacher, Regional Analysis
Allen Fletcher, Planning
Jim Gorman, Landscape Plants, Taxonomy
Courtney Kirk, Construction Technology
Patricia Loheed, Site Planning
Philip Loheed, Institutional Planning
Kathleen McCabe, Research Methods
Matin Michener, Botany, Geology
Sophia Mizouni, History
Cate Oranchak, Construction Technology
Shaun O'Rourke, Sustainable Design, Urban Ecology
Bertha Pantoja, Advanced Studios
Juli Riemenschneider, Degree Project
Joanne Robinson, Research Methods
Andrew Theokas, GIS
Justin Viglianti, Urban Design Studios
Jessica Wolff, Planning