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Low residency, Online

The low-residency/online format of the Masters in Design for Human Health requires successful completion of 48 academic credits, which can be done in five semesters. The program has been developed to accommodate work and personal demands.

The program consists of ten completely online courses and five required low residency studio-labs that make up the 48 credits (see curriculum outline below for the course listing). The low residency studio-labs are completed in the second, third, fourth, and fifth semesters and require students to participate in a week-long intensive study period in Boston. These courses are complemented with online activities that take place before and after the week-long "intensive." 

The program culminates in a capstone thesis project completed during the final required "intensive" semester that connects theory and practice through mentored research and design. A key difference between the MDS-DHH thesis and other research or studio-based theses is the integration of research methods to inform a design hypothesis. The result is an educational experience that will establish a firm foundation to launch a career in the exciting and up-and-coming profession of design for human health. All students are given a customized program that takes into account their unique educational and professional background. 

  • Curriculum Outline

Semester One (12 credits)

• Core (All Online)      DHH3003: Neurobiology

• Core (All Online)      DHH3004: Design Finance & Management 
• Core (All Online)      DHH3002: Design Representation Through Sketch Up 
• Core (All Online)      DHH3001: Environmental Health 

Semester Two (9 Credits)

• Core (All Online)      DHH3005: Epidemiology & GIS 
• Core (All Online)      DHH3006: Environment & Behavior 
• Core (Intensive)       DHH3007: Environmental Health Studio-Lab 

Semester Three (9 Credits)

• Core (All Online)      FND3031: Design Theory and Inquiry
• Core (All Online)      DHH3008: Biomechanics (required online 3 Credits)
• Core (Intensive)       DHH3009: Environment & Behavior Studio-Lab 

Semester Four (9 Credits)

• Core (All Online)      DHH3010: Policy & Planning (required online 3 Credits)
• Core (All Online)      DHH3011: Habilitation Design (required online 3 Credits)
• Core (Intensive)       DHH3012: Universal Design Studio-Lab 

Semester Five (9 Credits)

• Core (Intensive)       DHH3013: Research Methods Studio-Lab
• Core (Intensive)       DST3101: Thesis Studio-Lab