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What Our Students Think

…my education in the BAC SDI program is going to definitely help my career! The push for sustainability and environmentally appropriate buildings and products is as strong as ever, and learning more about sustainable design and how building components interact is a recipe for success in the architectural world and construction industry!

Sustainable Design student Jim Kirby


    Career Opportunities

    Sustainable Design

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      The MDS in Sustainable Design supports a wide variety of career opportunities:

      • Sustainable Design Specialist in an architecture, interior design or landscape architecture practice
      • Sole practitioner with a specilization in sustainable design
      • Sustainable design consultant
      • Green design advocate
      • Sustainable design specialist in:
        • Municipal or state government
        • Non-profit agencies
        • Contracting or construction
        • Development and real estate
        • Facilities and institutional management
        • Green campus initiatives

      Joining the MDS places you in a networked cohort of persons exploring careers in a common field - a cohort surrounded in turn by a faculty of experienced professionals who have already begun worthy careers in preservation. 

      Because of its low-residency/ online format, the program allows students to begin internships or full-time employment during their studies. This type of "concurrent education" is a hallmark of educational philosophy at the BAC - where students go to school as aspiring practitioners, and to go to work as lifelong learners.