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Portfolio Review

Bachelor's of Design Studies

Portfolio Forums & Workshops

Next Portfolio Forum: Wednesday, March 5, 5:30-7pm


Next Portfolio Workshop Segment I: Wednesday, April 2, 5:30-7pm

 New Portfolio Workshop Segment II: Wednesday, April 2, 5:30-7pm

    Next Portfolio Review Hand-in Deadline:

    Tuesday May 20th, 2014 by 10pm at the Education Center located on the second floor at 320 Newbury Street. 

    Segment I Foundation Portfolio

    The Foundation Portfolio Review is intended to evaluate a student's readiness for advancement from the Foundation Segment to disciplinary study. Foundation Portfolios are uniquely by students as a vehicle to reflect on their work in the Foundation curriculum. Reviewers of these portfolios will expect to see the work of the student's studio, design media, practice and technology courses amended and refined to respond to feedback received in these courses. Guidelines for the portfolio response will be covered in these courses. Students are expected to write reflectively about specific projects or assignments, and to write a summary essay, using writing skills learned in Critical Reading and Research (undergraduate level) or Design Theory and Inquiry (graduate level).
    Foundation Portfolios should be submitted for review at the end of the semester in which the student completes the 27 credit Foundation program. Portfolio Reviews are held in January, May, and July. The submittal date will follow the end of the semester, and will be published in the Academic Calendar. Students should register for Portfolio Review when registering for the semester in which they anticipate completing Foundation.
    Portfolios are reviewed by the BAC's faculty and by Education Directors (students are not present for the review). Students will be informed of their status at the end of Portfolio Review, usually within two weeks of the Submittal date. Students who pass Foundation Portfolio will advance to Segment II. Students who fail will be allowed to continue for a semester, with the expectation that they will resubmit at the conclusion of that semester (the student's Program Head will identify a restricted number of Segment II courses appropriate for the student to take during the continuation semester.

    Foundation Portfolio Evaluation
    In order to advance from Segment I: Foundation into Segment II: Integration, both undergraduate and graduate students must submit and pass the Foundation Portfolio Evaluation at the end of their Foundation studies.
    The Foundation Portfolio includes material from all Foundation courses except Critical Reading and Research (Undergraduate) and Design Theory and Inquiry (Graduate); the excepted courses are represented in the portfolio by the effectiveness of the student's written communication and critical thinking. Material for inclusion in the portfolio is determined within each course under the guidance of the instructor and may also include work from practice.
    The portfolio review is based on the student's reflective verbal and visual responses to the following prompts or questions. Criteria 1 through 5 relate to the work shown in the portfolio, and Criterion 6 is the student's self-assessment of the overall Foundation experience:
    1. Describe the pre-design investigation or research you undertook, and how it influenced the outcome.
    2. Demonstrate effective writing skills by describing not only what you did, but why you made your decisions.
    3. Show how your drawings and models communicate effectively and helped you think through your design.
    4. Demonstrate how your design process addresses the interaction of people with their environments and with each other.
    5. Identify instances of collaboration in your learning, describe what you learned from them, and suggest how this learning might be applied in professional settings.

    Reflect upon your strengths and abilities as a designer at this moment and describe the kind of designer you want to be.


    BDS Portfolio II clearance requirements
    To advance from Segment II (Integration) to Segment III (Synthesis), students must complete:
    • at least one (1) Practicum in their program of study
    • at least seven (7) of the eight (8) required courses for their major or all four (4) required courses for their concentration
    • the Independent Study Seminar
    • the design studies advanced studio and
    • pass the Segment II portfolio review.