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Bachelor of Design Studies

VS638: Robotic Arm Fabrication

VS638: Robotic Arm Fabrication; Instructor Matt Trimble

Photo by Matt Trimble; location Radlab, Inc., Boston, MA

BDS Alumni Spotlight

Anastasia Lyons is a 2014 Bachelor of Design Studies graduate with a concentration in Design History, Theory, and Criticism. More

    BDS Portfolio Requirements

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    BDS Design Media Courses

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    The Bachelor of Design Studies at the Boston Architectural College is an opportunity to explore design as a method for critical thinking and innovation. Choosing from a variety of program options, students craft learning experiences that are tailored to match their education and career goals. The program equips students with a foundation of skills across the design disciplines through a rigorous curriculum that incorporates applied learning beyond the traditional internship. Design Studies graduates engage in a variety of occupations and endeavors, including emerging and specialized design fields. Programs of study include:


    Curriculum Overview

    Design Studies is a rigorous course of study for students who want to explore design in all of its possibilities. In order to ensure students are well grounded in design fundamentals, all students are required to complete core courses in:

    • Design studios
    • Drawing and visual studies
    • Building technology
    • Liberal studies and design history