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The Distance track Master of Architecture academic curriculum consists of a prescribed sequence of courses that is taken in seven semesters over three and one-half years. Qualified students may enter with advanced standing, typically in semester three, and complete the program in two and one-half years.  Students enter and move through the program in a group, or cohort, of fellow student-colleagues. The first four semesters are structured around advanced studios that emphasize conceptual and technical design mastery, supported by allied courses in theory and research, urbanism, building technology and professional practice. At the end of the semester four, students must submit a portfolio for review before advancing to semester five when thesis work begins. Thesis is the focus of the final three semesters, and includes a thesis prep studio and theory and research course in semester five, followed by focused investigation of an individual thesis topic in the final two semesters. Additional courses in professional practice and an elective round out the thesis experience.

Course work is accomplished primarily in rigorous online exchanges of ideas and critiques in graphic, text, and audio formats, and is supplemented each semester by an intensive week long residency at the BAC. In addition to academic work, students submit a Practice Component Report twice per year which is evaluated to document their progression through the Practice curriculum.

  • Curriculum Schedule
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Semester 1

  • ARC3016 Architecture Studio 1 (Analysis)
  • TM7320 Structures 1
  • HT7115 History of Arch & Design A
  • TSM3027 Prep for Professional Development 1

Semester 2

  • ARC3017 Architecture Studio 2 (Program)
  • TM7321 Structures 2
  • HT7120 History of Arch & Design B
  • TSM3028 Prep for Professional Development 2

Semester 3

  • ARC3018 Architecture Studio 3 (Concept & Context)
  • HTC3008 Research in Architecture & Human Relations
  • HTC3009 Fundamentals of Urbanism
  • TSM3029 Professional Development 1

Semester 4

  • ARC3019 Architecture Studio 4 (Comprehensive Project)
  • TSM3038 Architectural Technology
  • TSM3024 Pro Practice - Contracts & Law
  • TSM3030 Professional Development 2
  • PRV0002 Segment II Portfolio Review

Semester 5

  • ARC3020 Thesis Seminar & Studio
  • TS7229 Graduate Research & Writing
  • TSM2023 Enviro Systems 2: Lighting & Acoustics
  • TSM3031 Professional Development 3

Semester 6

  • ARC3021 Distance Thesis 1
  • TSM3025 Pro Practice - Business Management
  • TSM3032 Professional Development 4

Semester 7

  • ARC3022 Distance Thesis 2
  • TSM3026 Pro Practice - Leadership & Ethics
  • TSM3033 Professional Development 5

Core 1:Design Studio

C-1 Studios emphasize careful site and cultural analysis, concept development and translation to a building idea. Programs and methods of inquiry vary according to individual faculty. Masters students are expected to conduct more independent research and draw upon a broader cultural perspective. NAAB criteria emphasized: ...   More

Research In Architecture & Human Relations

This course explores fundamental questions that lead from thinking to action. This conversation examines the interrelation between different understandings of body, social action, environments and design. A significant writing and critical thinking component is included. Accompanying discussions foster in-depth study of...   More

Fundamentals of Urbanism

: Introduction to principles of the planning and design of cities, with a focus on urban form and the forces that have shaped cities, including an overview of significant historic precedents and theories of urban design. Coursework will consist of a series of short readings in foundation literature and assignments that...   More

Architectural Technology I

Companion course to the comprehensive studio. This course assumes prior knowledge of building technology fundamentals including construction methods, technical systems, codes, and site design. Building on this foundation, an understanding of climatic factors and program use patterns in the selection and design of building...   More

Core 2: Design Studio

C-2 Studios articulate a building program and structure to reinforce and expand initial design concepts through the integration of building systems, critical details and temporal studies of use and occupation. C-2 Studios' programs, building types, and methods of investigation differ according to individual faculty....   More

Professional Practice: Laws & Contracts

Introduction to contracts, AIA documents, legal obligations, and project management in architectural practice. Course consists of a series of short readings and topical assignments delivered online, lecture/workshop during Intensive, and culminating in a final project on a selected topic.   More

Thesis Preparation Studio

A series of design exercises that lead students through the process of exploring how a potential thesis idea can be understood and expressed through design. Emphasis is on how an iterative process of analysis and design furthers the development of an idea.   More

Thesis Preparation: Research & Writing

This course introduces entering thesis students to basic approaches to formulating an argument and supporting it through research. The use of architectural theory as context for a thesis project will be introduced in a series of readings and lectures.   More

Segment II Portfolio Review

The BAC Portfolio Review is intended to evaluate a student's readiness for advancement through the BAC curriculum and to communicate the results of this evaluation to the student through a standardized process. It is also an opportunity for the BAC's faculty to better understand the school's overarching curricular goals,...   More

Professional Practice: Leadership & Ethics

Course consists of online individual assignments and peer mentoring exercises, and focused intensive workshop, that develop leadership skills of character which can be applied in a real world practice setting. The topic of ethics in practice is also examined. Course work culminates in a final written assignment aimed at...   More

Professional Practice: Business Management

Introduction to business management, including financial management, fees and schedules, and marketing strategies in architectural practice.   More