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The Distance Track Master of Architecture academic curriculum consists of a prescribed sequence of courses that is taken in seven semesters over three and one-half years. Qualified students may enter with advanced standing, typically in semester three, and complete the program in two and one-half years.  Students enter and move through the program in a group, or cohort, of fellow student-colleagues. The first four semesters are structured around advanced studios that emphasize conceptual and technical design mastery, supported by allied courses in theory and research, urbanism, building technology and professional practice. At the end of semester four, students submit a portfolio for review before advancing to semester five when thesis work begins. Thesis is the focus of the final three semesters, and includes a thesis prep studio and theory and research course in semester five, followed by focused investigation of an individual thesis topic in the final two semesters. Additional courses in professional practice and an elective round out the thesis experience.

Coursework is accomplished in rigorous exchanges of ideas and critiques conducted online in graphic, text, and audio formats, and is supplemented each semester by an intensive week long residency at the BAC. Each semester students take a Professional Development course in which work-related experience and Practice-based learning are reported and assessed. 

  • Curriculum Schedule

Semester 1

  • ARC3016 Architecture Studio 1 (Analysis)
  • TSM2004 Structural Systems 1
  • HTC3005 History of Arch & Design 1
  • TSM3027 Professional Development 1 (Practice)

Semester 2

  • ARC3017 Architecture Studio 2 (Program)
  • TSM2005 Structural Systems 2
  • HTC3006 History of Arch & Design 2
  • TSM3028 Professional Development 2

Semester 3

  • ARC3018 Architecture Studio 3 (Concept & Context)
  • HTC3008 Research in Architecture & Human Relations
  • HTC3009 Fundamentals of Urbanism
  • TSM3029 Professional Development 3

Semester 4

  • ARC3019 Architecture Studio 4 (Comprehensive Project)
  • TSM3038 Architectural Technology
  • TSM3024 Pro Practice 1 - Contracts & Law
  • TSM3030 Professional Development 4

PRV0002 Segment II Portfolio Review

Semester 5

  • ARC3020 Thesis Seminar & Studio
  • TS7229 Graduate Research & Writing
  • TSM2023 Enviro Systems 2: Lighting & Acoustics
  • TSM3031 Professional Development 5

Semester 6

  • ARC3021 Distance Thesis 1
  • TSM3025 Pro Practice 2 - Business Management
  • TSM3032 Professional Development 6

Semester 7

  • ARC3022 Distance Thesis 2
  • TSM3026 Pro Practice - Leadership & Ethics
  • TSM3033 Professional Development 7