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PCE & LI Undergraduate
3 credit $1760.00
3 credit audit $1320.00
1.5 credit $948.00
1.5 credit audit $711.00
1.0 credit $640.00
1.0 audit $480.00
SDI Graduate
1.5 credit $1494.00
1.5 credit audit $1121.00

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    Academic Resources

    Course Information

    • Registration
    • Auditing
    • Continuing Education Units (CEU's)
    • Discounts
    • Wait lists
    • Cancellations

    Registration Status

    • Adding/Dropping
    • Withdrawing


    • Release of grades
    • Contesting a Grade
    • Transcripts

    Program Completion 

    • Certificate Completion
    • Graduation Celebration

    Program Enrollment

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    • Requirements

    Student Academic Resources

    • Educational Appeals
    • Enrollment Verification
    • Emergency Information
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    • Health Care 
    • Student Tax Form Information


    Course Information

    Registration: Course registration is available via the Self-Service portal. Students who have taken a course at the BAC may already have an active account and should contact the IT help desk to retrieve their user name and/or password.  If a discount is to be applied, registration must be done via phone by calling 617.585.0101.

    Audit: Some P&CE, LI, and SDI courses are available to take as a non-credit course at a reduced tuition rate. Students who choose the non-credit option may not combine the audit pricing with any other discount. Audit students are considered to be observers to the course; they are welcome to participate, but acceptance of coursework is up to the instructors discretion. Grades are not issued for audit courses. 

    • Audit to Credit changes are accepted within the first two course meetings, provided the instructor can provide a grade for all course work. In changing from audit to credit, students will be required to pay the tuition difference. 
    • Credit to Audit changes are not accepted after the first course meeting. 
    • Audit and CEU's: CEU's are not available for audit level courses. 

    CEU: Most P&CE, SDI, and LI courses are available for various types of CEU credit. For more information contact pce@the-bac.edu.

    Discounts: For more information, visit the tuition discount section.

    Wait List: Wait list seats are available for all courses. To be placed on a wait list for a closed course contact pce@the-bac.edu and include your name, contact phone number and the course name and number. Students will be contacted in order of registration once seats become available.

    Cancellation: P&CE, the Landscape Institute and the Sustainable Design Institute reserve the right to cancel courses at any time. If a course is canceled, all students will be notified via their BAC email address and a full refund will be issued. Students may choose to transfer their tuition to a substitute course.


    Registration Status

    Adding/Dropping: Courses may be dropped with no academic or financial penalty before the first class meeting. Students may add a course before the second class meeting of a face to face course, or, before 5:00pm Eastern time on the Monday of week two for online courses. After the first class meeting the refund schedule will be applied to all dropped courses. Dropping a course after the third course meeting constitutes a withdrawal, refunds are not issued for withdrawals. All dropped courses are subject to a $25.00 processing fee. To drop a course email the Add/Drop/Withdrawal form to pce@the-bac.edu.

    Withdrawing: Dropping a course after the third course and before the last class meeting constitutes a withdrawal. Withdrawals are documented on transcripts as a "W". Non-Attendance does not constitute as a drop/withdrawal and may result in a failing grade.



    • Grades are released approximately two weeks after the close of the academic term via Self-Service. In order to secure student information, grades cannot be released over the phone or email. 

    • Grade Changes and Appeals must be sent to pce@the-bac.edu and include all applicable forms.
    • Transcripts: Transcripts may be ordered from the Registrar by submitting a transcript request form.


    Program Completion 

    Certificate Completion: Upon completion and receipt of their final grade, students must submit a certificate clearance and request form. Certificates are issued on a monthly basis and will be mailed to the postal address provided on the form. 


    Program Enrollment

    Certificate Programs: Certificate program applications are accepted on a rolling basis; requirements vary with program. Students may choose to apply for a certificate program at any time, but are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Students who wish to transfer credits into a certificate program must submit a transfer request at the time of application. For more information on transferring credits see the Transfer Credit section. Upon completion and receipt of their final grade, students must submit a certificate clearance and request form.

    Professional & Continuing Education Certificates & Professional Development Workshops


    The Landscape Institute & The Sustainable Design Institute Certificates



    Student Academic Resources

    • Educational Appeals: Educational Appeals are available for students who have been unable to complete a course due to extenuating hardships. Students who wish to file an appeal must do so by submitting the Educational Appeal Form (link to form) to pce@the-bac.edu. Students are expected to supply documentation to support their appeal at the time of submission.
    • Enrollment Verification: Students who need proof of enrollment are encouraged to visit Self-Service (link please) and print copies of their schedule and billing. 
    • Emergency Information: School Delays, Closure and Cancellations will be listed on the BAC main page and all students will receive updates via their BAC email account. Additional safety and security information can be found on the Campus Hours and Building Info page.
    • Library: visit the Library website for more information on how to obtain your BAC ID card and access to media labs, printers, copiers and scanners.
    • Health Care: The state of Massachusetts requires all Massachusetts residents to have healthcare insurance. P&CE, LI and SDI students who are enrolled in a certificate will need to provide proof of health insurance.

    • Tax Information: 1098T forms are distributed to all students who have supplied the Bursar's Office with a Social Security Number. Forms are mailed at the end of January. Students who would like a form and who have not yet provided a social security number should call the Bursar's Office for additional information +1.617.585.0115.