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    Residential Interiors

    • Certificate
    • All Classes

    • Required:
      • Drawing for Interior Decorators
      • Color Theory in Practice for the Residential Interior Decorator
      • History of Interior Design & Furniture
      • Interior decoration Introductory Studio (Pre-req: Drawing for Interior Decorators, Color Theory in Practice)
      • Lighting For the Home Studio (Pre-req: Drawing for Interior Decorators, Color Theory in Practice, Interior Decoration Intro Studio)
      • Materials, Finishes, & Resources (Pre-req: Drawing for Interior Decorators, Color Theory in Practice, Interior Decoration Intro Studio)
      • Business Practices for Decorators (Pre-req: Drawing for Interior Decorators, Color Theory in Practice, Interior Decoration Intro Studio)
      • Residential Interiors Studio (Pre-req: Drawing for Interior Decorators, Color Theory in Practice, Interior Decoration Intro Studio, History of Interior Design & Furniture, Materials -Finishes-Resources, Lighting for the Home, Business Practices)
    • One General Elective. Suggestions below:
      • Classical Architecture: An Introduction
      • Residential Interiors for Lifetime Living
      • Residential Textiles
    • One Design Media Elective. Suggestions below:
      • AutoCAD I: 2d Drafting AutoCAD
      • AutoCAD I: Residential Interior Documentation
      • Sketchup I: 3D Modeling & Illustration
    • One Specialized Studio Elective. Suggestions below:
      • Kitchen & Bath Design Studio I
      • Classical Architecture Drawing Studio
      • A Place for Everything: Cabinetry Design Throughout the Home Studio
      • Furniture Design & Construction for Interior Decorators

    PLEASE NOTE: Completion of this certificate program enables the graduate to work as a Residential Interior Decorator.  It does not qualify as the educational component necessary to sit for the NCIDQ exam or for ASID qualification.

    Introductory Drafting & Drawing

    This course introduces students to the basic skills of graphic representation for interior decorators. Students will learn how to understand and draw plans, elevations, and sections, and how to draw to scale. They will produce quick sketches in the field and learn how to use drawing as a design tool. The class may include...   More

    Color Theory in Practice for Residential Interior Decorators

    Everyone loves color! It is a key ingredient to any successful residential interior, thus the practicing interior decorator must have a thorough understanding of it and its relationship to form, space and light. They must understand the emotional implications of color. This course will teach fundamental color theory so...   More

    History of Interior Design & Furniture

    The history of interior design and furniture encompasses numerous styles, movements, and individual artistic contributions. It also reflects the influence of cultural, political, and social developments. A basic understanding of this history is important for the professional interior designer who may often look to the past...   More

    Interior Decoration Introductory Studio

    This studio explores the elements and principles of design, and provides the opportunity to begin designing and planning an interior space. Further develop your drafting skills acquired in Drawing for Interior Decorators within this introductory studio environment. Through lectures and hands-on studio projects, you will be...   More

    Materials, Finishes, & Resources

    An important part of the interior design process is the selection of materials for the many and varied elements that constitute an interior space. Making these selections requires knowledge of the material and its suitability for specific uses, as well as familiarity with its availability. Through lectures, demonstrations,...   More

    Business Practices for Decorators

    Through this class, the students will develop their own business plans for private practice and retail options as decorators. Business fundamentals and state and federal requirements will be covered, along with general accounting, marketing, leasing and personnel requirements. Guest lecturers, field visits, and class...   More

    Residential Interiors Design Studio

    This studio expands upon issues that were introduced in the Basics of Interior Decoration studio. These topics include furniture selection, millwork design and detailing, residential interior planning, window treatments, and fabric selection. The scope of the decorative project will be expanded to the fundamentals of...   More

    Furniture Design & Construction for Interior Design Studio

    It is the furniture that makes the architectural space into a useful and personal place where human activities can take place with comfort and convenienceŠ.Most westerners think of an interior as the sum of its furnishingsŠ.For the designer, therefore, the selection and design of furniture is a key activity.² (Pile, 2007)...   More

    Lighting for the Home Studio

    Light is an essential element of our environment because it is through light that we register visual information, perceive the form and color of objects and space, and are able to accomplish tasks. Lighting design is integral to architecture and interior design, and plays a very important role in the success of designed...   More

    Residential Interiors for Lifetime Living

    As a designer, you make a difference in your clients' lives by creating attractive and functional living spaces. But your design goal should go one step further-to create a living space that allows your clients to live independently and safely through all phases of their lives. This course introduces you to the design...   More

    Residential Textiles

    An expert use of textiles in interior decoration requires both an aesthetic sense and technical knowledge of how fibers and yarns perform. this course gives students an in-depth look at the components of textiles, in a hands-on classroom experience. Students explore a vast array of fabrics, using them to convey color,...   More