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PCE & LI Undergraduate
3 credit $1760.00
3 credit audit $1320.00
1.5 credit $948.00
1.5 credit audit $711.00
1.0 credit $640.00
1.0 audit $480.00
SDI Graduate
1.5 credit $1494.00
1.5 credit audit $1121.00

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    Residential Interiors

    Courses and Certificate

    Residential Interiors Studio

    Photo by Bonica Ayala

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      Students in the Residential Interiors certificate receive a high level of instruction from practicing professionals in the interior design/decorating field. The program is focused entirely on residential interiors. Aspiring interior decorators learn the elements and principles of design through in-depth classes and studios in color theory, textiles, furniture history and construction, design styles, business strategies, and more.

      Specifically, you will study space planning, furniture and accessory selection, applied finishes for walls, ceilings and flooring and how lighting a room can bring your designs to life. You will be versed in working with clients from concept to installation and learn to communicate your design solutions through drawings, renderings, photos and face to face conversation. In addition, you will learn how to set design fees, charge for products you source and how to stay within a budget. There's even a course that introduces the steps needed to start your own firm. 

      This is a highly structured and focused curriculum. All Residential Interiors Certificate students are encouraged to work with our curriculum advisor to plan their educational path. Please email pce@the-bac.edu to set up an advising appointment or if you would like more information!

      Residential Interiors Courses and Certificate Curriculum

      To earn a certificate, students must complete the following courses.

      Required courses include:

      • Introductory Drafting & Drawing
      • Color Theory in Practice for the Residential Interior Decorator 
      • History of Interior Design & Furniture 
      • Interior Decoration Introductory Studio - IDIS (Pre-reqs: Intro to Drafting/Drawing and Color Theory)  
      • Lighting for the Home Studio (Pre-reqs: IDIS and associated pre-reqs)
      • Materials, Finishes, & Resources (Pre-reqs: IDIS and associated pre-reqs)
      • Business Practices for Decorators (Pre-reqs: IDIS and associated pre-reqs)
      • Residential Interiors Studio (This is the capstone studio. All of the above courses must be completed) 
      One General Elective. Suggestions include:
      • Residential Textiles 
      • Construction Applications 
      • Residential Interior for Lifetime Living 
      One Design Media Elective. Suggestions include:
      • AutoCAD I: Residential Interior Documentation
      • SketchUp I: 3D Modeling & Illustration 
      • Perspective Drawing
      One Specialized Studio Elective. Suggestions include:
      • Kitchen & Bath Design Studio I 
      • A Place for Everything: Cabinetry Design throughout the Home Studio