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    Historic Preservation

    • Certificate
    • All Classes

    The certificate will consist of the following six courses, all of which will run for eight weeks:

    • Historic Preservation Philosophy and Practice
    • American Architecture: Colonial Period through Postmodernism
    • American Vernacular: People, Places and Forms
    • Historic Preservation Research and Documentation
    • Historic Preservation Law, Planning and finance
    • Cultural Heritage Tourism & Placemaking

    Preservation Philosophy and Practice

    This course will explore the history of the preservation movement worldwide, with a special focus on the philosophy and practice of historic preservation in the United States. Using New England and the Boston area as a local laboratory, we will explore and critique the social, historical, and cultural roots and...   More

    Preservation Documentation and Research

    This course offers students a direct field experience in historic building survey and analysis using Newbury Street as the class study area. The course will develop building research skills through dating and studying architectural styles in Boston’s Back Bay. Each student will select a building on upper Newbury Street and...   More

    Preservation Law/Planning/Finance

    This course will explore the history, philosophy, and legal foundations upon which the historic preservation movement in the United States stands, focusing special attention on those areas where treasured American values clash. Students will look at the preservation planning and regulatory review process, learn about...   More

    Classical Architecture:An Introduction

    “Classicism is not a style” according to Demetri Porphyrios, but rather a time-tested design methodology used to create beautiful and timeless architecture, interiors, and cities for the ages. This “Basics” course introduces participants to the world of the 2,500 year old western classical tradition: its sources in ancient...   More

    Contemporary Architecture

    This course is a survey of contemporary architecture around the world in the context of key historical debates. Contemporary architecture is often conceived as ahistorical or post-historic, especially because of practitioners' attempts to mark a separation from tradition and distinguish themselves as "avant-garde."...   More

    Architecture & Design History A: Prehistory through Baroque

    This class is a one-semester introduction to the history of architecture and design from pre-history through the Baroque period. The course aims not only to teach a set of important monuments, but also to develop a set of tools for perceiving, analyzing, and responding to the built environment. We will examine architecture...   More

    Classical Architecture Drawing Studio

    Traditional drawing and rendering exercises will include field pencil and plein air watercolor sketching, perspectives, cast sketching, sheet composition, casting of shades and shadows, traditional India ink and watercolor rendering technique, and the construction and rendering of a major analytique.   More

    History of Interior Design & Furniture

    The history of interior design and furniture encompasses numerous styles, movements, and individual artistic contributions. It also reflects the influence of cultural, political, and social developments. A basic understanding of this history is important for the professional interior designer who may often look to the past...   More

    Approaches to Historic Building Fabric

    You own or plan to buy an old building; you are a designer or tradesperson intending to work on one; or perhaps you serve on a historical commission. You want to understand the fabric of old buildings in order to plan for their repair, maintenance, upgrade, or rehabilitation, or for an addition. The purpose of this class...   More