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      Huxtable Fellowships

      Huxtable Fellows earn stipends to work on Gateway projects, mentor students, and be mentored by BAC leadership.

      Learn more about this exciting new opportunity here!

      The deadline for the academic year 2013-2014 has passed. 


        Ada Louise Huxtable Fellows

        What is the Ada Louise Huxtable Fellowship Award?

        The Ada Louise Huxtable Fellowship in Civic Engagement and Service Learning is a new program at the BAC, generously funded by a grant from OneWorld Boston, a grant-making entity of the Cummings Foundation.

        Application Materials:

        • Application Form [PDF]
        • Reference Letter Form [PDF]

        *Please note:  the deadline for 2013-2014 has passed.



        The Huxtable Fellows Program has four main objectives:

        1. Mobilize and reward talented, advanced students for their work on BAC Gateway projects;
        2. Provide talented, advanced students with an opportunity to connect with other Fellows, students, and mentors across projects and disciplines in Fellow Summits and mentoring activities;
        3. Provide a body of work that will aid the Practice Department and the BAC in continuing to sharpen its applied learning pedagogies and methods of evaluating student learning;
        4. Enhance the quality of final deliverables to Gateway clients in order to ensure client satisfaction and build upon a portfolio of work that will continue to support the Gateway Program's existence for future students.

        Fellows will dedicate between 6 and 8 hours to their assigned Gateway project per week. Time spent on the Gateway Project will be divided between attending weekly team meetings, providing administrative support to the faculty supervisor(s), and collaborating with the student team on their independent work sessions, community outreach, and research. Throughout the semester, they will participate in Fellows Summits, which will include monthly reflective meetings with the Huxtable Faculty Advisor, and a special lunch with the BAC Overseers. These meetings will give the Fellows a chance to connect with each other and to reflect on their own learning and development. In addition to the mentoring roles outlined above, Fellows will assist in the documentation of different phases of their project over the course of the semester, including photos, images, interim design sketches and diagrams, etc. Finally, they will play a key role in participating in the evaluation and assessment of the entire project and learning outcomes for themselves as well as the projects they have served.

        Learning Objectives:
        The Huxtable Fellows will strive to achieve the following:

        • Take leadership roles in projects, mentoring the team and encouraging teamwork, professionalism, and effective time management;
        • Learn and hone management skills by supervising the team, overseeing workflow and deadlines, and facilitating client interaction;
        • Understand the value of community engagement and seek ways to improve and facilitate relations between the Practice Department and the greater community;
        • Learn and hone collaboration and cooperation skills;
        • Generate work for their own professional and academic portfolios;
        • Understand the value of mentoring and collegiality with other Fellows, the Practice Department, and a select group of professional mentors.



        To be considered for a Huxtable Fellowship, a student must possess the following qualifications:

        • Currently enrolled as a student at the BAC in one of the on-site degree-granting programs
        • Good academic standing
        • Currently in Segment II or III of respective program
        • Able to commit 6 - 8 hours per week during each semester to Fellowship/Gateway work



        The stipend amount for the academic year 2013-2014 is $2,800, which will be paid in four equal installments over the course of the year.  Six (6) students will be awarded the Huxtable Fellowship.



        Any student may be dismissed from the program and forfeit their remaining stipend if at any time during the duration of the Fellowship, s/he fails to uphold the eligibility requirements.

        Please contact Benjamin Peterson with any questions: benjamin.peterson@the-bac.edu.


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