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    Gateway: For Faculty

    Join the Gateway Faculty!

    The Practice Department is always looking for qualified, dynamic, and committed faculty members to teach Gateway projects. There are several ways to be involved in teaching Gateway projects, from functioning as the lead faculty supervisor on a project, to team-teaching a project or acting as a Gateway consultant on a specialized topic [i.e. presentation, graphics, community process, etc.] to several teams. If you are interested in teaching a Gateway project, send an email to Benjamin Peterson, Director of Practice Instruction and Student Services.

    Gateway Expectations, Policies, and Procedures:

    Information on Gateway Projects:


    Information for Gateway Faculty

    BAC Email

    All Practice faculty are eligible to receive a BAC email address, and can manage their email by logging onto BAC Outlook, accessible at: https://mail.the-bac.edu. All new faculty will be given information about how to create and log into their account at the start of the semester.

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    ID Card/Bookstore Discount

    Faculty are required to carry their ID cards at all times while on BAC property and when teaching at one of the BAC locations off-site, as identification for security personnel. To receive a new photo ID, or replace a lost one, visit the Library during the first week of classes (Monday through Thursday) from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Faculty IDs may be used to borrow books from the BAC Library.  A BAC ID also entitles instructors to a 10% discount on books and merchandise (excluding computers) at The Berklee College of Music Barnes and Noble Bookstore, located at 1090 Boylston Street, and certain products in the MAC store.

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    Library Access

    Faculty members have borrowing privileges at the BAC Library during the semesters in which they teach. Books circulate for two-week periods and are renewable (unless the book has been recalled by another patron). Books may be renewed in person, over the telephone (617.585.0155), via the online library catalog, or by email (library@the-bac.edu).

    To check out books or to borrow slides from the Visual Resources Library, faculty must present a current BAC ID and have a current address on file.  Faculty members also have access to Library computer facilities, the Internet, and printing capabilities. 

    The Library collection is for use by all students, faculty, and staff. Given the demand for texts and materials, the library staff asks your cooperation in returning books on time. Faculty are not charged late fees for overdue books. Any books checked out during the course of the semester must be returned at the close of the semester. Faculty will be asked to pay replacement costs for any lost books. A stipend/ honorarium may also be withheld until missing books are returned.
    Materials that can be placed on reserve include: books (either the Library's or the instructor's), readings, plans, videos (may be viewed on the 4th floor at 320 Newbury Street), and other material to which the instructor would like students to have access. Books checked out from other libraries may not be placed on reserve. Please be aware that putting a library book on reserve takes that book out of circulation for the entire semester; therefore, priority is given to books that students are required to use. In addition, the Library has limited shelf space; please request that no more than 10 items be placed on reserve.
    All questions regarding library access and reserving material should be directed to the Library at 617-585-0155, or library@the-bac.edu.

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    Stipend and Contract

    Each eligible Practice Faculty member supervising a Gateway Project receives a stipend. Stipends are standardized across the Practice Department, and will be determined at the beginning of each semester by the Head of Practice and Director of Gateway.
    Federal regulations require that all BAC faculty and staff have the appropriate documentation on file verifying eligibility to work in the U.S.  Those eligible to receive payment for teaching are U.S. citizens or have the appropriate work Visa.  Faculty must make certain that they have completed the appropriate immigration (I-9) and tax (W-4 or W-9) forms.  Faculty members are also responsible for ensuring that the mailing address on file is correct.

    Federal regulations stipulate that completed Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) Forms and W-4 tax forms must be on file for all faculty receiving teaching stipends and honoraria.  When complete, a faculty member does not need to submit a new form unless his or her address or tax exemption status has changed.

    Stipend payments will occur four times per full-semester and twice per half-semester courses.  Honoraria payments will be paid in one installment at the end of the semester.

    To file a change of address or to confirm paperwork/documentation requirements, please contact the Practice Department directly (practice@the-bac.edu).

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    Taking classes at the BAC

    Faculty may take one free class during the semester in which they teach or during the semester immediately following. The free class cannot exceed 3.0 credit hours during a given semester; two half-semester classes of 1.5 credits may be substituted. Free classes are not transferable to others nor may they accumulate from semester to semester. Please understand that the BAC's main priority is to serve students; faculty seats are allocated on a space-available basis after student registration is complete.

    To register, faculty members must complete a Continuing Education Registration Form and indicate their status as faculty. Completed forms should be submitted to the Continuing Education Office, located just to the right inside the main entrance of 320 Newbury. For additional information regarding registration procedures, contact Continuing Education, 617-585-0101.

    Faculty members are encouraged to participate in the Certificate for Design Education program, which is a series of four courses developed exclusively for BAC faculty. These classes are free and do not count toward your allocation of one free course per semester. [Faculty members who take the Design Education Certificate course may still take one additional free course.] These courses are highly recommended as a way to meet other BAC Faculty, engage in wider dialogue about teaching design, and learn practical and useful teaching strategies for classrooms and/or Gateway projects.

    Faculty desiring to use the Free Course Program for completing a Master of Design Studies degree must apply for matriculation into an MDS cohort. Electives within the program (12 credits) but not core courses (21 credits) are available as free courses. Other BAC guidelines concerning faculty eligibility for free courses apply to the MDS. Interested faculty should contact the Coordinator for the MDS Program.

    In lieu of a course, faculty may enroll in up to three (3) sections of the ASID STEP Workshop in preparation for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Examination, at no charge.  Faculty may also enroll for free in classes offered through the ProArts Consortium institutions [Berklee College of Music, Boston Conservatory, Emerson College, Massachusetts College of Art, School of the Museum of Fine Arts]. Enrollment is limited in some cross-registration ProArts courses and, as such, registering early is advised. Tuition for ProArts continuing education or undergraduate-level courses is covered in full; any related fees (i.e. lab, registration, and student activity fees) are the responsibility of the faculty member.

    To utilize this benefit, faculty must first obtain a ProArts Consortium Cross-Registration Form from the Registrar's Office. The Registrar has a complete listing of faculty and will refer to this information when verifying eligibility for the free course benefit. The Registrar will sign, date, and stamp the form. Without the appropriate stamp, the ProArts institution will not recognize faculty status and will likely issue a tuition bill. The completed registration form must then be submitted to the Registrar of the ProArts institution to which the faculty member intends to enroll. A limited number of ProArts booklets with a complete listing of ProArts websites are available for reference at the Registrar's Office. For additional information about registering for ProArts courses, contact the Registrar's Office (registrar@the-bac.edu).

    ProArts cross-registration is not available to students, faculty, or staff during the summer. During the academic year, the Registrar's Office at most of the ProArts institutions coordinates student registration. This responsibility shifts to Continuing Education during the summer, and because of the different fee structure and registration process, does not allow for cross-registration.

    BAC summer courses are open to all eligible instructors. Faculty may take one full-semester class equivalent to 3.0 credits, or two half-semester or shorter classes. To register, faculty members must complete a Continuing Education Registration Form. Completed forms must be submitted to the Continuing Education Office, located just to the right inside the main entrance of 320 Newbury. For additional information regarding summer registration procedures, contact Continuing Education, 617.585.0101.

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