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DM3B: ArchiCAD I - 3D Design


ArchiCAD is a CAD program that uses three-dimensional architectural vocabulary from the start. Its premise is the construction of a virtual model of buildings and site, which can be studied from all angles, both interior and exterior. Dynamically linked sections and elevations assure that changes made to any view are updated in all views. Rendered perspectives and fly-by/walk-through sequences are also integrated. Within eight weeks participants will be able to use ArchiCAD both as a strong design tool and as a tool for making impressive design presentations. Assignments in ArchiCAD I/3D range from a simple Cape-style house to the Pantheon, from site plans to spiral stairs. Students will learn the few but powerful and intuitive tools (learning the language) and will apply their newly developed skills to illustrate the selected projects (using the language to convey one's ideas). Participants completing the course will have acquired the core 3D modeling skills of ArchiCAD. The course is taught using PC-compatible computers.

Credits 1.5 Credits
Prerequisites * VS152 or VS148 or SA103 or SA7103 and VS635 or VS650 or VS657 or VS665 and TM210 or TM7210 or TM7215 or TM7215 or TM460 or TM7460
Co-Requisites None.
Fulfills BArch: DM3B Requirement, BArch: DM4 Elective, BDS: DM3B Requirement, BDS-DC: Concentration Elective, BID: DM3B Requirement, BID: DM4 Elective, BLA: DM3B Requirement, BLA: DM4 Elective, MArch: DM3B Requirement, MArch: DM4 Elective, MID: DM3B Requirement, MID: DM4 Elective, MLA: DM3B Requirement, MLA: DM4 Elective


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