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Autodesk Revit/Residential Design


This is a second-level course on Autodesk Revit, recommended for individuals already familiar with the drawing and modeling software and with a background in architectural design. The course will focus on a residential design project, which the students will design, develop and document over the duration of this 8-week course. Though this course is mainly intended for individuals with prior experience in design applications, students new to Autodesk Revit will learn and become sufficiently familiar with the basics of its 2D/3D parametric modeling features in order to complete the project. Required Textbook/Supplemental Material - TBD

Credits 1.5 Credits
Prerequisites * VS655 and VS635 or VS650 or VS657 or VS665 and TM210 or TM215 or TM7215 or TM7460 or TM460
Co-Requisites None.
Fulfills BArch: DM4 Elective, BDS-DC: Concentration Elective, BID: DM4 Elective, BLA: DM4 Elective, MArch: DM4 Elective, MID: DM4 Elective, MLA: DM4 Elective


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