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Drawing the Garden Landscape


This module gives students an opportunity to gain confidence and experience in their drawing skills. Classes focus on methods for using pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, and watercolor pencil. Particular attention will be paid to techniques for drawing individual plant specimens, group assemblages, plants in a landscape composition, perspective, walls, paths, water, buildings, and people in a garden setting. The goal is to learn how to draw better so that clients can more clearly understand proposed garden designs. Emphasis will be on gardens in different seasons and conditions. Attention will be paid to the specific needs of each student. Several drawing sessions will be conducted outdoors. Each student is required to produce and present a final drawing suitable for presentation to a client or inclusion in a portfolio.

Credits 1.5 Credits
Prerequisites * None.
Co-Requisites None.
Fall, Spring


* Prerequisites listed are for onsite degree programs only.  For questions regarding prerequisites for Professional & Continuing Education, The Sustainable Design Institute or The Landscape Institute please call the office at 617-585-0101 or email pce@the-bac.edu. For questions regarding prerequisites for the Distance track Master of Architecture please call 617-585-0390 or email dmarch@the-bac.edu. If you are looking at the course page of a 4000 series course, the prerequisites listed on the page do apply to you.

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