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Lighting the Environment- Space Revealed


Lighting Design is a unique discipline that combines technology and art, human perception and behavior, design and physics. Its history is one of mysticism, graft, big business and ingenuity; and yet for all its visual noise, it can be largely unseen. This course will familiarize the student to basic lighting design methods, concepts and terminology while it examines how sustainable building practices inform and affect the designed lighting system. As we examine the building blocks of lighting design- light sources, photometry, calculations, lighting delivery systems and controls, we will look at how the lighted environment impacts issues relating to the LEED rating system; energy consumption and light trespass, while taking into consideration light quality and light source, occupant use and controllability. This is a project based course that will include theory and practical information. Informed by the readings and guided by the student’s interest, topics open for discussion will be daylight; perception (vision, contrast, darkness, glare, color theory); value engineering, and the history of the electrical delivery system.----- Course books: Lighting Design Basics, by Jim Benya, Wiley 2004----- Additional Required Readings will be made available through BAC’s Library.----- Pre-requisites: Knowledge of reading floor plans and the ability to draft one, either by hand or CAD.

Credits 1.5 Credits
Prerequisites * None.
Co-Requisites None.
Fulfills BDS-AT: Concentration Elective
Fall, Spring, Summer


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