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Sustainable Planting Design & Practices


Program Intent: The BAC offers this course as the professional/technical drawing design placement aspect and specification standards of plant materials, their rational (according to growth characteristics) and artistic treatment, planting niche and usage. It functions as the professional extension of the Horticultural Science classes which are the science lecture and laboratory, liberal studies function component of plant materials study at the BAC. Content & Themes: Students will be asked to develop planting designs for four to five typical planting niches: a doorway garden, a sunny/tropical garden, a shade garden, a bio swale parking lot and a historical garden. Objectives include: -Provide a working exposure to planting design techniques, criteria, and graphic representation, so students can be self actualizing in continued education and advancement in the technical area, through observation, readings, and utilization of readily available plant materials and technical media, as well as understandings of various horticultural production techniques. -Exposure to the generic aspects of planting design: context, exposure, moisture (or lack thereof), light conditions, soils, slope, circulation, and maintenance/operations considerations. -Discussion, recognition of varying cultural contexts, styles, and attitudes toward landscape and how they shape perceptions and expectations of idealized landscapes and the technology and industries that produce them.

Credits 3 Credits
Prerequisites * None.
Co-Requisites None.
Fulfills BLA: Required, MLA: Required
Fall, Spring


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