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Landscape Architecture Design Studio L-2: Concept & Synthesis Segment I


One of the most important aspects of Landscape Architecture is observation. Learning to consciously see the physical world with all of its overlapping natural and manmade systems is paramount to developing effective design solutions. This studio will challenge the student’s ability to understand his/her environment as a multi-layered and inter-related system. The process of site analysis uncovers and “untangles” these overlapping systems and makes it easier to understand their relationships and the site as a whole. Site analysis defines the elements of the site (inventory) which are then represented in a series of graphic diagrams. The information compiled during the site analysis phase is then used to make design recommendations in the site planning phase. Site analysis includes data collection, mapping, and graphic representation. Students will explore scale and topography of the urban landscape through two- dimensional drawing and three-dimensional model-making. Students will practice multiple modes of drawing including free-hand sketches, technical hand-drafting and rendering, and computer drafting and rendering. Students will produce and present plans, elevations/ sections for each project. Graphic symbols, labels, legends and text will be integrated into a visually cohesive presentation. Landscape Architects are required to efficiently and clearly communicate their ideas to others, therefore, verbal presentation skills will be critiqued along with the student’s graphic presentations.

Credits 3 Credits
Prerequisites * LA7103
Co-Requisites None.
Fulfills MLA: Required
Fall, Spring


* Prerequisites listed are for onsite degree programs only.  For questions regarding prerequisites for Professional & Continuing Education, The Sustainable Design Institute or The Landscape Institute please call the office at 617-585-0101 or email pce@the-bac.edu. For questions regarding prerequisites for the Distance track Master of Architecture please call 617-585-0390 or email dmarch@the-bac.edu. If you are looking at the course page of a 4000 series course, the prerequisites listed on the page do apply to you.

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