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Advanced Landscape Architecture Studio: The Art of Settlement


This vertical advanced interdisciplinary studio will focus on using the principals of regional planning, site planning, housing and landscape ecology to develop twomaster plans of differing densities and context that emphasize housing while preserving tourism and culture sites and simultaneously ameliorating ecological conditions. The studio will take place on two different locations: Malden Center, Massachusetts and the haciendas in Tulancingo,Hidalgo, Mexico. Both sites share compromised ecological systems and have the potential to become important centers of mixed use housing. In both cases, it is important to understand the natural systems, urban context and their relationship to transportation in order to find opportunities for housing development and preservation. The studio will examine and analyze the existing conditions to inform potential frameworks for the future housing design development of both sites. Analyzing two different sites with differing densities and land use will allow students the opportunity to compare and contrast different regions, climates, policies, political machinery, and resources. This will help students develop a global vision as well as applied local solutions. For the portion of the Mexican Haciendas we will be working in conjunction with Centro Metropolitan de Arquitectura Sustentable. Their faculty will be providing all the support and material needed for the development of the Mexican site. The CMAS students will be traveling to Boston this Spring and will have the opportunity to work with BAC students and have a rich cultural exchange.

Credits 3 Credits
Prerequisites * LA203
Co-Requisites None.
Fulfills BLA: Required
Fall, Spring, Summer


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