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Traditional Building


In this Intensive, students work independently and as a team to understand the historic building systems key to preservation of New England structures from the Colonial era through the middle of the twentieth century, including wood framing, masonry and grout, terra cotta, plaster, cladding and paint. Legal guidelines for the preservation of historic buildings and materials will be discussed. This course launches the Master of Design Studies in Historic Preservation through an immersive workshop in Boston accompanied by related study online. It is required for students enrolled in the MDS and open only to those students. Cohort members are gathered in Boston for a hands-on immersion in the technology, craft, and culture of traditional building drawing on the rich preservation building heritage of Boston and New England. Central to the intensive will be a series of visits to the North Bennet Street School for a sequence of hands-on lectures and demonstrations over a period of eight days, covering a range of topics and techniques involved in the preservation of historic structures. Instructors for the program will be the faculty of North Bennet Street School's Preservation Carpentry program as well as consultants with specific expertise in the subject study area. Each topic will be described and demonstrated over a period of one to three days, depending upon the depth of treatment and the time allowed for students to practice the specific skills. Key procedures in the testing of historic construction materials will be described, observed, and where possible, replicated.

Credits 3 Credits
Prerequisites * None.
Co-Requisites None.
HSP3002 - 1MDS Online 7/28/14-9/20/14


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