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Core 2: Design Studio


C-2 Studios articulate a building program and structure to reinforce and expand initial design concepts through the integration of building systems, critical details and temporal studies of use and occupation. C-2 Studios' programs, building types, and methods of investigation differ according to individual faculty. Masters students are expected to conduct more independent research and draw upon a broader cultural perspective. NAAB criteria emphasized: Design Thinking, Comprehensive Design and Building Materials and Assemblies.

Credits 3 Credits
Prerequisites * PR450
Co-Requisites None.
Fall, Spring, Summer
CD7102 - C Online supplement Tue 7:15PM-10:15 PM 1/21/14-5/17/14
CD7102 - E Mon 7:15PM-10:15 PM Online supplement 1/21/14-5/17/14
CD7102 - D Mon/Thu 5:30PM-10:00 PM Online supplement 1/21/14-5/17/14
CD7102 - A Online supplement Thu 7:15PM-10:15 PM 1/21/14-5/17/14
CD7102 - B Online supplement Sat 10:00AM-1:00 PM 1/21/14-5/17/14


* Prerequisites listed are for onsite degree programs only.  For questions regarding prerequisites for Professional & Continuing Education, The Sustainable Design Institute or The Landscape Institute please call the office at 617-585-0101 or email pce@the-bac.edu. For questions regarding prerequisites for the Distance track Master of Architecture please call 617-585-0390 or email dmarch@the-bac.edu. If you are looking at the course page of a 4000 series course, the prerequisites listed on the page do apply to you.

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