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Geology/Landform Analysis


This course teaches the basic principles of geology by using New England landforms as a sounding board. Students will sharpen powers of observation in local field trips, testing hypotheses for landform origins and history. The course is a basic survey of geological genre and types, including geologic environments and the processes that shape and modify the earth's surface. Of particular interest are the roles of water, ice, wind and gravity and their effects in different surface environments and climates. Specific topics covered include an overview of earth materials, groundwater and processes of the hydrologic cycle. Also considered from a geological and human perspective are weathering and erosion, landslides, river and shoreline systems, and environments ranging from arid to periglacial (cold climate). The past history of the earth is deciphered in terms of the evolution of the atmosphere and world ocean, climate and sea level change over geologic time, and the activity of modern and ancient glaciers. Please note: There will be three half-day Saturday field trips in the Boston area to investigate local sedimentary rock sequences, glacial deposits, and modern coastal environments plus study of glaciations and its impact on the landscape. Introduction to Geology is designed for students who are fulfilling the science requirement and is a required course for the landscape program.

Credits 3 Credits
Prerequisites * None.
Co-Requisites None.
Fulfills BArch: AS Elective, PS Elective, BDS: AS Elective, PS Elective, BID: PS Elective, BLA: Required, MLA: Required
Fall, Spring


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