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This course will introduce students to practical problems in botany with a dual emphasis on plant evolution and plants in human affairs. The course will provide an interdisciplinary approach to plant biology that allows interior designers, landscape architects, and architecture students to understand the design potential of plants. Plant form and function, evolution of seed plants, plant ecology, plant communities, basic plant physiology, and prospects for conserving plant biodiversity will be highlighted in this non-science majors' course designed for undergraduates. While its focus is rigorously scientific, the course will incorporate topics in a lecture series that is user-friendly for students with a limited science background. Several mandatory field trips will complement the lecture component of the course. Humans and plants have evolved together over the past million years, and students who complete this course successfully will gain insights into the central role that the Plant Kingdom continues to plays in the development of our species.

Credits 3 Credits
Prerequisites * None.
Co-Requisites None.
Fulfills BArch: AS Elective, PS Elective, BDS: AS Elective, PS Elective, BID: PS Elective, BLA: Required
Fall, Spring, Summer


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