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Danielle Encela

Danielle Encela on MDS Historic Preservation trip to Malta

Danielle Encela on MDS Historic Preservation trip to Malta

Photo provided by Danielle Encela

Born in Germany and raised by Filipino parents, Danielle always had a passion for architecture and the complexity of the built environment but also an interest in culture, history and heritage. She graduated with an undergraduate degree in Architecture and has been working in an architectural firm in New York for more than 6 years. When Danielle's professional projects were challenged to design with and around historic buildings, her passion for culture reemerged. She decided to pursue a Masters in Historic Preservation and get a deeper understanding of the existing built environment and learn different approaches an architect could take to blend new buildings around historic ones, with respect to the community as a whole. Danielle is not only a student, but is also a teaching assistant for the MDS course his Architectural Materials Conservation: Philosophy, Methods, and Practice. Outside the BAC, Danielle enjoys traveling and exploring different cities, people, and history.

"The unique distance learning program is what attracted me to pursue my Masters at the BAC. I had the opportunity to maintain a full-time job, in my hometown, but also was able to gain other experiences, which without the BAC I would have never been able to do. Working with my hands during the Architectural Materials Conservation class in Malta really brought the craft of conservation to life for me. Having only learned through books about conservation techniques, being able to physically do so on limestone pieces around an 18th-century Baroque style Villa definitely grew a deeper connection to the craft for me."