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International Students

Admissions Information

Thank you for visiting our website today and your interest in the BAC. The BAC maintains a policy of open admission, stemming from the philosophy that those who wish to pursue the study and practice of design deserve an opportunity to do so. Admission decisions are made throughout the year on a rolling basis.

International students must complete the same application for admission as domestic students and satisfy the same Admissions Criteria. In addition to the requirements for admission for domestic students, international students must submit their English Proficiency test scores, a Certification of Finance and a foreign credential evaluation (when applicable). Students with a prior degree in design or those seeking transfer credit for prior coursework should request a "course-by-course" evaluation. The BAC recommends World Education Services or Education Credential Evaluators for transcript translation and evaluations.

The Boston Architectural College (BAC) is approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to host F-1 visa undergraduate and graduate international students for the degrees offerred by the following programs:


Interior Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Design Studies

Who is eligible to study at the BAC? *

You are eligible to apply for undergraduate admission to the BAC as an international student if you hold the equivalent of a U.S. high school diploma.

International students are eligible to apply to a graduate program if you hold a bachlor's degree from a U.S. accredited institution, or an equivalent degree from overseas.

You are eligible to apply to the BAC as an exchange student in F-1 status, if you are pursing a degree abroad at one of our international partners.


Saudi students interested in attending the BAC, please confirm program eligibility with SCAM.


The BAC offers Conditional Letters of Acceptance for undergraduate and graduate students who have not taken the an English proficiency exam or have a scored below the minimum required scores by attending one of our English Language Partners:

ASC English 

EC Boston 

ELS Educational Services, Inc. 

International Language Institute of Massachusetts 

Kings Colleges

Are International Student eligible to enroll in the low-residency degree programs?

Due to the non-traditional format of this degree program and the immigrations regulations, the BAC can only issue a SEVIS I-20 for the period students are required to attend the intensive session(s). The BAC needs to issue a new I-20 for each intensive session and students are required to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee each time. International students in the distance degree track cannot remain in the United States after the intensive session(s).

If you are in the United States in a visa status other than as an F-1 international student you may be eligible to enroll in the low-residency program. The BAC requires written acknowledgement from the primary visa holder of your current visa status in the United States confirming that they permit you to engage in a full-course of study.

Am I considered an International Student?
The BAC considers all students who do not hold permanent residency in the U.S. nor have US citizenship to be international applicants. If you are in the process of obtaining permanent residency, even if you have received an approval notice (I-797), you are considered an international applicant until you hold the Green Card.**

If you are in the United States in a visa category other than F-1, you are considered an International applicant. You need to verify with your primary visa holder, or sponsor, if a full course of study is permitted under your current visa status.

We look forward to welcoming you to Boston and the BAC community as you start your academic career with us.

*   The BAC does not require its applicants to hold a prior design degree.
**  Except for foreign nationals married to a U.S. Citizen with the approval notice from USCIS.


Juan Venegas
International Student Advisor
Tel: + 617-585-0223